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Solar Sun Rings

The Solar Sun Ring is a swimming pool and pool heating.
By inflation creates pockets of air, which concentrate the sun's rays like a magnifying glass and pass the heat directly to the water.

Efficient Pool Heater

During the day the pool is heated by Solar Sun Rings. The recovered heat is retained thanks to the insulating cover in the pool.

Heating your pool with Solar Sun Rings

The Solar Heating heats your pool, mini pools, hot tubs, medium and large swimming pool. Solar Sun Rings are flexible to fit any shape pool.


• Solar Sun Ring with Palme-Design

• Solar Sun Ring Plain Blue

• Solar Sun Ring with Palm-Design and Water Anchor*

• Solar Sun Ring Plain Blue and Water Anchor*

* The Water Anchor are flaps on the bottom side of the ring which will be fillled with water which keeps the ring on the water surface. This is recommended in windy regions and on pools without rim.


Unlike conventional solar pool covers which merely insulate and trap heat, Solar Sun RingsTM are designed to actually generate heat and transfer it to your pool.

Made from two sheets of U. V. resistant vinyl, the upper layer holds insulating air and focuses sunlight on the blue colored lower layer that absorbs about 50% of sunlight and concerts it to heat. The rest of the sunlight is allowed to pass through for deep water heating.

Once the Solar Sun Rings are inflated, cover up to 70% to 80% of the surface of your pool with Solar Sun Rings by placing the blue colored side on the water. More coverage than 70% of the surface on deep pools and 80% on shallow pools is not necessary. Keep the upper surface of the Solar Sun RingsTM clean and clear for the best solar effect.



• Overall diameter of 6o inches (152.4 cm.) and 2.5 inches (6.35 cm.) thick, as inflated.

• Grommets placed around drain holes increase rigidity and drainage.

• Large grommet around the hanging loop makes it stronger and supportive.

• Water anchor volume has been increased for increased weight and better stability in winds.

• Softer grade vinyl for better flexibility and resistance to over inflation.


1. The inner grid should be inflated orally with about two large breaths of air for an average person. Do not use more air, two breaths is all that is needed. Close the valve.

2. Bunch up the SSR and move contained air around to separate both layers of plastic. The SSR cannot be made to lie flat unless the layers are separated.

3. The SSR should be about the size of a soccer ball when bunched up. Be sure the inflation valves are closed tight to prevent air from escaping.

4. Lay the SSR flat and Inflate the outer ring orally until it is somewhat firm. Avoid over inflaiting as that may cause the SSR to warp.

5. Close the valve. Place each SSR single layer in direct sunlight on a flat non abrasive surface until the packing size relax.

6. This should take from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the intensity of the areas not separated.

7. If the SSR still does not lie flat, measure the outer diameter.
A properly inflated SSR is 6o inches or 152.4 cm in diameter.

8. If the SSR is smaller, use the air tube provided to let air out of the inner grid until it lies flat.


We recommend that you cover about 70% - 80% of your pool with Solar Sun Rings. The better the pool is covered, the higher the heat output of the Rings will be.

On the right you will find achart which will help you to determine the correct number of rings for their swimming pool. In the example we have a 4 x 8 meter large pool. The total amount of the Rings is 9 pieces.

In kidney-shaped or other free-form pools, we recommend one ring per 2.5 m2.

A little help, you can download a PDF with marked swimming pools and quantities here:

Solar Sun Rings Calculator (PDF)


What is the difference to traditional, full-scale solar films with air chambers??

It is shown that the energy output of the SSR exceeds that of the air chamber slides. Instead to transform the solar light into heat and store water, the air chamber cover will reflect a large part of the sun's rays back outwards. SSR also conserve heat better during the night. With the SSR the tedious covering the pool will be dropped and in maintenance they are easy to handle. As a safety aspect to note is that you can not falling like a full-scale cover themselves.

Can I use the Solar Sun Rings for my swimming pool?

Solar Sun Rings are available for all chlorine and salt-water pool systems also used for swimming pools in the ground or above the ground.

Are Solar Sun Rings with my existing solar system compatible?

Solar Sun Rings are compatible with any solar system and give an additional heating effect.

How long is the lifespan of a Solar Sun Rings?

With proper care and storage of the Solar Sun Ring they has an estimated life of 5-10 years.



Additional Information about usage, storage and damage assessment you will find in the documentation. Download SSR-Booklet (PDF).



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solar sun ringPlain Blue

Solar Sun Rings WITH Water Anchor, CHF 69.–
The Water Anchor are flaps on the bottom side of the ring which will be fillled with water which keeps the ring on the water surface. This is recommended in windy regions and on pools without rim.

solar sun ringWith Design

solar sun ringPlain Blue